Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Transformers: Protect or Destroy?

*Note: This is NOT a spoiler post.
This afternoon, my boi get an emergency call from our coursemate, Desmond saying that the flight tickets on 11th of July have been canceled by MAS due to double booking which we've made at both the travel agency and Penang International Airport.

Six of us decided to meet up and have discussion at Batu Lanchang Coffee Shop about the critical flight issue and accommodation problems.

After we finish discuss everything, my boi and I rushed to Penang Internation Airport to inquire about the flight tickets available. According to Desmond, the latest flight tickets available are on 4th of July and it's selling fast.

As soon as we reached there, my boi stopped his car at the entrance and rushed to the counter. I was sitting in the car and waiting, so worried and panic... At first, the counter person told my boi that there's only two ways tickets for 2nd of July.

After my boi passed me the message, he went in again but this time the counter person says that all of the flights tickets from 1st - 30th of July are fully booked and sold to passengers. I was like OMG!!! What should we do now?! Don't tell me we gonna fly there on 3rd of August?!

Then I asked my boi to call Desmond again whether the travel agency have updated him or not. Thank God, Thai Airline has 3 slots on 10th and another 3 slots on 15th of July. I was like.... phew, finally relief!!!

Now 6 of us will be separated into 2 teams (3 persons each), the disadvantage of this flight is... we have to stay overnight in Bangkok Airport and continue our journey in the next morning. What to do! It's Thai Airline that we're taking!!!

It ain't really that bad after all, at least we get to save 4 days expenses (in AUD). Why? the previous flight was on 11th of July, now it's changed to 15th of July. Hehe, 熟语说大难不死,必有后福!So for tomorrow, either we will go to watch Transformers or go for a final shopping with my boi, still waiting for his decisions...


  1. Wah! You ah .. talking about your flight or talking about Transformers. ..

    The message is so CLEAR! :P

  2. LoL, I was talking about my flight *blushes* the pictures are for display purpose only =P
    Btw, which message u talking about?


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