Friday, June 22, 2007

Blogger's Meeting Tomorrow

Tomorrow noon, my boi and I will be attending The Orient's Voice Meeting held in Foodloft, Gurney Plaza to meet up with the 98 bloggers or more.

Regarding the free food issue, only the first 100 bloggers who registered and listed in Cedric's blog are available for free food worth RM15 (sponsored by Foodloft), the rest you will have to for your own. Any inquiry, please kindly contact Cedric or visit his blog for further details.

At first, I thought that the food is totally F.O.C with maybe cheaper or limited food served, I was kinda surprise to get to know about it at the very last minute. Anyway, I can't stay there for long cause I'll be following my sis to go back to my hometown right afterwards.

See you guys tomorrow!!!

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