Sunday, June 3, 2007

Officially Back

Yeppie yay yay, yeppie yeppie yay... *huggiez to all* I miss y'all so much especially my baby boi *muackz* Anybody missed me? Aww, don't tell me nobody, k? At least pretend that you did =x How pathetic... *sob sob* No matter what, I do hope everyone's doing fine and enjoyed your weekends.

Today's weather is extremely HOT!~ It was raining in my hometown last night, but my body nearly melt as soon as I come back to Penang. Luckily we did bring back some fresh coconuts *droolz* we only have 4, 2 for my mom and my bro, another 2 for me and my sis. So, zero extra? Haha...

This remind me of Laguna Coconut in Jusco, Queensbay Mall which sells fresh coconuts. I was impressed to see a skillful staff taking out the coconut meat in perfect shape with just the help of a small knife. My boi and I stood there for quite a while, trying to figure out how did he do that.

Another thing which excites me the most is, the Exabytes ads are currently occupying both of my Nuffnang slots. Hooray, thank u Exabytes and Nuffnang! Remember to view my page whenever you feel free in these coming few days so that I can gain more network traffic? =x


  1. Hmmm... sharpe coconut... how does the taste... hehehehe...

  2. ya, miss u so much^^
    en.. coconut, my teacher say if eat or drink coconut must eat when its just drop, if not, is not good for our body XP

  3. *blushes* Hehe, any reason y is it not good?

  4. there seems to be an inordinate amount of penang bloggers, LOL. Hi there.

    And long live nuffnang, and i promise I'll drop by for a visit whenever I can ;)

  5. I just installed nuffnang on my blog, wonder how long would it takes for the ads to be placed?

    New post on my blog about marriage.. enjoy!

  6. k0k s3n w4i: Hi =) there are too many of us lolz. Thankz 4 supporting ^^

    Dani: U hafta wait til sumbody (advertiser) who feels like placing ads on ur blog... the average visits per day must be at least 20 unique visitors. =D


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