Sunday, June 10, 2007

Shopping Day

It was so crowded today in Queensbay Mall, there's so many events going on there. One of them which has successfully attracted most of the male shoppers was the F1 show held at the entrance. The sexy showgirls were singing and dancing on the stage while the audiences were standing and watching in the rain.

A white top from Padini Concept Store

A grey color mini skirt from B Club

I always wanted to buy a mini skirt which is similar to Japanese or Taiwanese type of school uniform. Finally bought this that can be wear during summer or any other seasons. There's one sales girl who was standing beside me when I was looking at this "M" size mini skirt. She told me that the "M" size is smaller than usual "M". I felt sarcasm when hearing those words coming from her mouth. Without caring her words, I had a try on the "M" size but it end up so loose until it can be pulled down easily. At last, I'm back with the "S" size which she thinks I can't fit in, LoL. I admit that my face is round and chubby but it doesn't mean my body is the same.


  1. haha.. u like japanese school uniform ha? i got order few set leh.. but not yet reach ... hahaaa

  2. lolz, u selling them? da jap uniform is so kawaii ^^v

  3. christina, haha.. ask gal wear it... :P kawaiiiiii

  4. i still single leh.. ask friend wear and let me take pic... wakkaaa...

  5. haha... i got tat costume liao..
    got rabbit.. jpn sch uniform.. maid... heheeee


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