Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Sensasi Delight

RM14.70 before tax and service charge
RM16.91 after tax and service charge

*Only available for dine-in.

This set for 2 is more than enough for me and my boi. Hehe, we just ate the inner part of the pizza with ingredients on top. The waiter must be curious if the outer part was baked too hard when he cleans our table. LoL

My boi bought this anime, "The Prince of Tennis" at only RM49.90 for the compressed version. The uncompressed version costs about Rm100 plus with more DVDs. I've watched one of the series before on Astro's Animax but it didn't seem to attract me until we watched it again in the comic house of Queensbay Mall. There's another one about girls basketball team that caught my attention but I can't seem to remember the title at all.


  1. I dunno why I can't get tempted by Pizza Hut's pizzas. Maybe I'm used to taking those "chapati" based type kua.

    Go get Chrono Crusades...it's nice :)

  2. oo... I luv chapati too ^^v btw, wat's chrono crusades?


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