Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Hanazakarino Kimitachihe (花样少男少女)







主 演:
ELLA (S.H.E)  饰 卢瑞莃
吴 尊 (Fahrenheit) 饰 左以泉
汪东城 (Fahrenheit) 饰 金秀伊
唐治平 饰 梅 田
唐禹哲 饰 梁思南
张皓明 饰 王天寺

As I can see in this drama, 吴尊 has a great improvement compared to 东方朱丽叶 (Tokyo Juliet) which I've mentioned in my previous post. Some says that it's Ella's open and bright disposition which makes him acted more naturally in 花样少男少女。

I've found 吴尊's blog on Sina when searching for his biography randomly on the Internet. Check it out if you could read traditional Chinese characters, there you get to read more about his personal life and feelings. What's more? His cute and only-limited-in-his-blog photos definitely worth seeing if you really are a fan of him.

The runtime of this drama is about 20 hours and I managed to finish watching it within 24 hours continuously. Woo, hardcore drama fans? LoL, I believe not only me but there's some other hardcore drama fans out there who does the same as I did when you're addicted to that particular drama. I really love the characters and the overall storyline but somehow, the ending is a bit unexpected cause it's not a fairytale story ending =x But still, it's good enough to attract the audiences.

*Yawn* I gotta go to bed now, extremely exhausted after almost 6 hours of non-stop karaok-ing in Redbox today. Will updated the photos taken in Seoul Garden and Redbox tomorrow when I'm done with my passport application and flight ticket reservation. Nitez and sweet dreams!~


  1. i think many people love 'wu zhun ' after this drama!

  2. Hehe, *blushes* I'm one of 'em =P

  3. Oh, I am still watching this series..
    makes me prefer ella kind of girls more

  4. lolz, so long hair girlz no longer attract u anymore?


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