Friday, June 8, 2007


Finally purchased the bankdraft for my uni. Details are as below...

Bank: Maybank
Currency: RM to AUD
Exchange rate: 2.9490
Commission: RM5.00
Transfer fee: 0.03 % of total withdrawal amount.

The exchange rate of Aussie dollars have been increasing day by day lately. I was thinking that the exchange rate might drop today but who knows, it increased again! How disappointed I was... All I can do is nothing but pray hard for the rate to drop in the coming few weeks so that we get to exchange more cash in lower rate. Still need to wait for COE (Confirmation of Enrollment) letter after we hand in the bankdraft together with photostat passport, then only we can start applying for E-Visa and proceed for medical check-up. Recently, I feel so tired and moody to blog, too many things to worry about especially my uni stuff. Hope everything goes smoothly as planned. If nothing goes wrong, our flight to Brisbane would depart on 11th of July since all of the flight tickets (MAS and SIA) are fully booked between 12th to 15th of July. *sob sob* I won't get to watch all those nice movies showing in Malaysia after I reach Aussie >.<" No more cheap drama or pirated software, no more cheap and nice food, no more relaxing... have to put a fullstop on everything I get to enjoy here in Malaysia. *sigh*


  1. I face the same problem too.. everytime when I need to pay for my profesional fee... argghh!!! what to do? Malaysia still developing country..

  2. >.<" u studying in Aussie as well?


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