Monday, June 18, 2007

Smiling Pasta (微笑Pasta)

My right gums are swollen now *sob sob* until u can see it from outside cause my right cheek is swollen too *sniff sniff* so pain >.<" I hate it when this happen to me... Had a tasty fluffy McEgg Muffin this morning while doing revision in McD with my boi and KP. The hash brown was a bit too salty but I managed to finish up 2 of 'em. Hehe =P and I realize that they've increased the cup size for coffee and tea as well. Good news to those McBreakfast lovers out there ^^v

There was a bunch of business college boys & girls making noise beside us instead of doing revision for their exam, that really irritated us as we were trying to concentrate on our revision. The noises they made can almost cover the music played on MD FM, just imagine... How rude this bunch of youngsters were =X

Exam is over now, here I am sitting in front of my laptop blogging and watching 微笑Pasta starring Malaysian singer & actor, Nicholas Zhang (张栋梁) and Taiwanese singer & actress, Cyndi Wang (王心凌). Haihz, my gum-ache is making me so suffer and totally moody... let's pray for tomorrow, hoping that my gum-ache will go away!~

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