Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Good Luck to My Baby Boi


Firstly, I'd like to wish my baby boi, my family and everybody 端午节快乐!(Happy Dragon Boat Festival) ! Happy eating yummy delicious Bak Changs! If you are curious about celebration of today, I've found you an interesting site to read about History of Dragon Boat Festival.

Secondly, I'd love to deliver this lucky bear to my baby boi, wishing him all the best in his exam! Gambateh! Muackz!!! Thanks my boi for the sweet lunch box and warm "Leng Teh" he catered to me. Not to forget, good luck to those who are having exam today as well =D


It's so windy out there right now, really terrifying to hear the sound made by the strong wind. Please stay at home if you think it's too dangerous to go out, girls remember not to wear dress or skirt out today cause u might get yourself into troubles. Hehe, if you get what I mean =P Alright, it's time for me to have my brunch and continue with 微笑Pasta. Take care friends!


  1. Yea..the wind these few days are surely weird. I can hear wheezing sound as well as zinc roofing about to fly off. There were even small whirl wind of leaves and dust flying about in town area. Twister in Penang? :P

  2. I hope not, but I heard my friend say that even the road sign & traffic light felt down on the road and causes road-block >.<"


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