Saturday, June 30, 2007

Gone Going, Gone, Everything's Gone

Dear all,

I'll be going back to my hometown again, but this time gonna be a bit longer. (Start from 30th of June to 4th or 6th of July) I need to do a last minute shopping with my mommy before my flight on 10th of July, which is 10 days away from now! 我现在的心情好复杂... 好期待,又不舍得离开!好兴奋,却又觉得紧张!唉... 该怎么办?

Will u guys miss me when I'm gone? LoL I do hope so =P I will definitely miss Penang, miss Malaysia, miss my family, miss my hometown, miss my dearest friends and all the bloggers and shouters here. *sob sob* How am I gonna live without watching movies in the cinema? @_@

This is a full set pink "armor" which I'll be taking to Aussie. Lovely? Haha... Pinkish!!!

Hehe, some "souvenirs" I got from The Orient Voice Meeting (Part I, Part II, and Part III). Thanks to Nuffnang and ShoutOut.

I never really notice that "Asia's First Blog Advertising Community" is actually Nuffnang's slogan >.<" How embarassing I was...

Cute little Air Asia souvenirs given by my boi's aunt.


  1. christina will leave soon...
    i wan christina... i wan i wan...
    will miss u ....

  2. Lolz jimmy, wat u want? want me? =P


Dear readers,

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