Friday, June 1, 2007

Going Back to Hometown

To my dearest friends and readers,

I'll be going back to my hometown later in the late evening to visit my mom. As you know, we're in the mid of durian season, I'm hoping to get some great durians from my grandparent's orchard. Hehe, I'm not a big durian eater, have been stop eating it since few years back. Don't ask me why cause I don't even know the reason why, LoL! Some people might think that it's some kinda waste for not being able to taste durians, some even think it's a pity for me not being able to taste spicy food. But the fact is I'm not really into spicy food at all. So, it doesn't really matter to me. Food like tomyam, laksa, curry and others won't really attract me =x

Back to the king of fruits talk, I really wish I could bring back more durians for my boi as he wanted to eat them so much. Unfortunately, according to my grandparents, this year's drop ain't really good due to the heavy rain during blossoming season, too sad to be true. Durians can be used to make a variety of food products like durian tart, durian crepe, durian pie, durian ice-cream, durian chips, durian candy, durian snack, durian cake, and more and more! But I do hope to bring back some other fruits such as my favorite queen of fruits, mangoesteens *droolz*. Anyway, I'll be back on Sunday noon I think, depends on my sis. Will bring back some photo if possible, take care and have a wonderful weekend!



  1. I wan Durian. I wan Durian. Bring 1 for me. :P

  2. Hey Christina,
    What can i say, I love durian.. anyway, you're really cute in the pic, without makeup?
    I found your blog through the star online, I just starts Lonely hurts , probably we could exchange thought, do leave your 2cents when visiting my blog for me to improve further, see ya around

  3. Hey girl....Just dropping by to say I can't stand the smell of durians!!! By the way I won't be going to the BBQ..what about you?

  4. durian!!! wahh.. looking at the picture also makes me salivate already...

  5. I like durians, the smell, the taste... uhm... yummy...

  6. Here's my number 016-4xxxxxx. Call me when you are back and I shall go collect some durians :P

  7. devildairy: where do u stay? lolz

    Dani: Hey there. *blushes* yeah without make-up cuz I don't put make-up unless there's a special event going on =P If u don't mind we could exchange link?

    Brenda: I can't stand it 2 lolz, but once u taste it, u'll start 2 fall in luv with it =D btw, I didn't go 2 da BBQ party as well.

    Erlynda: Hehe... seems like a lot of durian luvers here ^^

    Jo Juan Marvin Ronald: Wow, u got a long nickname =.=" Hehe, 2 bad I don't have extra 4 ya =X

    Criz Lai: Lolz. Out of stock!!!~ sorry =P

  8. My hometown, segamat durian going drop start from next week!!! yeah! cant wait to eat durian again~~

  9. Cool!~ It has been such a long long time since I last taste durian and mangoesteen =x


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