Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Gillian Chung's Press Release Video

Harlo, 大家好!新年快乐!Ah... 新年快乐!Ah... 这次,ah... 这件事... 对我, 以及我身边的人都造成了很大的困扰,以及 erm... 伤害啦,erm, 我承认 ah...是很天真,以及很傻。Erm, 但是现在已经长大啦。 Erm, 好多谢公司,多谢家里人,以及多谢朋友对我的眷顾啦,以及支持。这次这件事对于社会大众的影响,我都深感抱歉。在未来 ah...的日子里面,我会继续努力工作啦,以及积极这样面对我的人生。多谢传媒的关心,以及要多谢一班对我不离不弃的 fans, 多谢。

I've translated Gillian's speech from Cantonese to Mandarin, hopefully it will help you to understand more about the content of this video. I believe there are a lot of Gillian Chung's haters out there who hates her very, very much, same goes to Cecilia Cheung, Bobo chan and other victims' haters. It's gonna take at least several years for the public to get over it, for the ugly scandal to fade away. The point is are you willing to forgive the victims after all these?

Whether Gillian was to attend the press release with smile or tears, pretending or telling the truth, still people will have something to say about her or even curse her to death. So if she dies, everyone would be happy and celebrating with fireworks? I'm not on anybody's side, but if I were to choose between "hate" and "forgiveness", I'll go for forgiveness instead cause hating takes far too much energy, time, and effort.

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