Tuesday, February 5, 2008

My New Link Partners

Queensbay Mall

My previous post about T-bowl: Toilet Bowl Concept Restaurant in Queensbay Mall has been featured in Queensbay Mall's Blog on Januray 30th, which was a day after the New Media Manager of QBM - Doreen Teh left a comment in my post saying...

"Hi Christina:
A word of thanks from Queensbay Mall for posting this article on your Blog. We would like your kind permission to repost on QBM blog site at http://www.queensbayshoppingmall.com with credits and source to your Blog."
As mentioned in my earlier post, Queesbay Mall has become my second home in Penang ever since the opening of that shopping centre. We used to spent most of our time hanging out, watching movies, shopping, as well as trying out the restaurants there before we leave for Australia. If we were still in Penang, I bet I would've written more posts or contributed more information about that place.

Travel Guides

This afternoon, I received an e-mail from Niu, the owner of Touristclick.com requesting to add my blog link to his "Australia Travel Blog" section. I found that it's a very informative site which provides travel guides to popular destinations and cheap holidays worldwide. Just click on the image if you wish to read more about that particular website.

I, myself have an absolute passion for tours and travels, and I'll never let go of any chance to travel if I have the ability (money) to do so. There'll be a trip to Dreamworld, Gold Coast on this coming February 23rd and many other outings throughout the whole Autumn semester. I guess I'll really get to enjoy being a USQ Mentor together with my boi.


  1. Wah! U must have write good review!! BTW I have a new site here http://horny-ang-moh.blogspot.com/ The old site get locked by robot! Oh Happy CNY to u & family!!

  2. o.O" It's locked by robot? What does that mean?! Anyway, thanks for the update and wishes!


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