Monday, February 11, 2008

Expandable Content Script

Flooble's Expandable Content script is a javascript that lets you create expandable / collaspable boxes easily, just like the ones placing in my sidebar ("Blogroll" and "Links"). This is to reduce the number things being displayed or things that taking up too much of space in one single page. By doing so, it may as well provide a better viewing experience for your blog readers or website visitors. The script works well with all the latest web browsers and it's available in two different styles:
  • Initially Visible (Collapsed / Expanded by default)
    To hide the contents, just click on the (-) minus sign or vice versa.
  • Initially Hidden (Not Visible by default)
    To view the contents, just click on the (+) plus sign or vice versa.
Expanded Content Script

How to Install The Code

Step 1:

For blogger user, go to Templete > Edit HTML, then simply copy and paste the code (generated in the first column) right after the "BODY" tag, or inside of the "HEAD" ... "/HEAD" tag.

*Note: Step 1 only need to be done ONCE, no matter how many boxes you are putting onto that specific page.

Step 2:

For blogger user, go to Templete > Page Elements > Add a Page Element > HTML/JavaScript (Add third-party functionality or other code to your blog), then simply copy and paste the code (generated in the second column) into the "Content" column. After saved, just click and drag it to the place where you want the content to appear.

P.S. Thanks Kah Peng for installing the code for me ealier and Haan, I hope you find this post is helpful for you.


  1. efficient!! I know I initiated you to write this post! thanks anyway. before this i just came thru making a drop down list :)

  2. haan:

    Haha, that's fast! So I guess my post is not being helpful to you at all? =X

  3. nah you are wrong. i don't like drop down list.. but this is what i want!

  4. haan:

    Great!~ Enjoy trying out then =D


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