Wednesday, February 6, 2008

除夕快乐 (Happy New Year's Eve)

Happy Mouse Year

I would love to wish my family, my boi and all the Chinese who's celebrating the Spring Festival (春节), "Happy New Year's Eve" (除夕快乐) ! I bet my family must be having 白斩鸡,朝州蒸鱼,扣肉 and other yummy Cantonese dishes right now, but remember not to eat up all the dishes completely so that everyone in the family could "be blessed every year" or "have profit every year", which means 年年有鱼(余).

Reunion Dinner


We got the "Large Roasted Chicken with Herb Rice" fresh from Coles at Grand Central in this late afternoon. It started to downpour, thunder, and lightning as soon as we walked out of the shopping complex. We bumped into so many people today! We met Jia Ren and his gf, Stephanie while waiting for bus at the bus-stop. Then, we met Henry, Desmond and Benjamin on the bus to the city. When we were having lunch at the food court, we met Aaron and his mother...


The Searoy Mixed (一品窝) has ingredients like 炸虾丸(Fried Prawn Ball),炸鱼丸(Fried Fish Ball),紫菜腐皮卷(Seaweed Tofu Roll),竹鱼烧,苏东丸(Squid Ball),龙虾丸(Lobster Ball),太式鱼饼(Thai Styled Fried Fish Cake),豆腐鱼(Tofu Fish),and 鱼丸(Fish Ball).

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