Friday, February 22, 2008

International Student Orientation: Day 3 - Free BBQ

Sausage Sizzle

There was a free BBQ this afternoon in the USQ Quad (in front of Student Services), which last for 2 hours. As usual, the sausages are HALAL (permissible), they served only beef sausages and chicken sausages.

The Barbie Team

It's kinda weird for me to see them frying onions without using any oil at all, some says oil-less would be healthier but what about the animal fats (saturated fats) that comes from the BBQ sausages?

The Big Guy: Sean

The Choir of Darling Height Primary School

The choir team of Darling Heights Primary School.

A Big Family We Are

Legendary Pose: Ben & KDM


We'll be heading to Dreamworld - Gold Coast Theme Park of Australia early tomorrow morning at half-past seven. There'll be two buses going for this trip, and more people means more fun!

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