Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Gold Coast's Dreamworld: Australian Wild Life (Part I)

A Sleeping Dingo

The dingo is predominantly ginger in color, however, a small percentage are black and ton or white. They generally have white markings on their tail tip, chest and feet. Their head is wider than their body and they have pricked hooded ears.

Canis Lupis Dingo

Habitat: Found throughout mainland Australia.

Feeding: The main prey of the dingo is rabbits, rodents, kangaroos and wallabies; however they will also eat reptiles and birds.

Breeding: Breeding occurs only once a year and 1-8 pups are born after a gestation period of approximately 63 days (around 2 months).

Hand-Feeding The Emus

The word emu comes from the Portuguese word "ema", which means "large bird". The emus able to run up to 50 km per hour with their powerful legs.

The Emu

Adult male emus are Australia's largest birds but in the world, they are second only to ostriches.

The Giant Crocodile

Crocodile or Alligator?

The Birds Paradise

The Pelicans

There are seven species of pelicans in the world, all of which are similar in shape and, with one exception, are primarily white in color.

The Pelicans

The male pelicans are larger than the females.


  1. nice that u included some relevant details, making the post much informative.. not just showing pure photos!!

  2. haan:

    Haha, thanks! Sometimes, I feel tired right after I come back from work. That's when I feel lazy to think, to write, to do research... what I did is just photoshopping the photos. Hehe =x

  3. is not crocodile nor an alligator,is crocogator. :P
    Anyway,they remind me of crocodile hunter!

  4. shiveeleaves:

    LoL! That's what everyone said when they get there ^^v


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