Monday, February 25, 2008

Gold Coast's Dreamworld: Koala Bears

This would be the first time ever I get to see and touch Koala Bears in close-up. They look so cute and adorable, but the its fur isn't as soft as I thought.

Koala Bear

According to the trainer, the Koalas weren't in a good mood on that very day due to the devilish hot weather (40 °C). That's the reason why we didn't get to hug them in our arms.

Koala Bear: Look Into My Eyes

As you can see, the trainer has scars and wounds and all over his arms. So, please make sure you're not hurt by its long and sharp nails at any time.

Koala Bear: Too Shy

The name "Koala", comes from the Aboriginal saying that means "no drink". The Koala doesn't drink water, because it obtains enough moisture from the eucalyptus leaves that it lives on.

Koala Bear: Do Not Disturb

Koala Bear: Tired & Sleepy

Koala Bear: Sweet Dreams


  1. Nice pics. Really urging me to go back to Australia. :)

    Did you go Movie World as well?

  2. alex:

    Nope, I guess the trip to Movie World only available in semester 2. The upcoming trip would be the one to Apple & Grape Festival in Stanthorpe =D


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