Monday, February 18, 2008

USQ Mentors: Second Meeting

Faculty of Science

Left to right: Jennifer, unknown, Cynthia, Henry, unknown, Monica, and Hennie.
Not in photo: Kodomo (Damon), Andrea, my boi and I.


Rachel, the kind and helpful International Student Counselor of USQ.

Get to know you

Australian English (Aussie Slang)
  • Bloke = A man or a guy
  • Barbie = Barbeque (BBQ)
  • Banana bender = A Queenslaner (a person from Queensland)
  • Bikkie = Biscuit
  • Billabong = A watering hole
  • Arvo = Afternoon
  • Amber fluid = Beer
  • Blue = A fight
  • Bush = The hinterland, the outback or anywhere that isn't in town
  • Chrissie = Christmas
  • Chokkie = Chocolate
  • Chook = A chicken
Click here to learn more Aussie slang...

My Baby Boi

In Aussie, it's perfectly fine to sit on the table when you're having any discussions or meetings.

Waiting for pizza lunch

It was almost 12 noon, everyone was in hunger and waiting for the Pizza Lunch to be served.

EagleXpress Pizza

BBQ Meatlovers, Hawaiian, Super Supremo, Veggie Delight, Pepperoni, and Chicken Supreme from EagleXpress. The nearest branch would be the one in Ruthven Street (Toowoomba South).

My Boi & Sean

My boi with Sean, the ICT Technician of USQ enjoying the Pizza in their hands.

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