Monday, February 4, 2008

Google PageRank: Reconsideration Request

Reconsideration Request

As everyone knows, the page rank of my blog has dropped from PR3 to PR0 on January 13th of this year. Two weeks later after the incident, I've written a public apology to Google, which is on 27th within the same month. In between that very significant two weeks, I spent time removing all the paid posts I ever wrote in my blog, as well as re-correcting all the links (external and internal) in every single post. Also, there is a disclosure policy button created at the most bottom right of my sidebar.

It has been 10 days waiting for feedback from Google, Kay Bin gave me an idea on how to deal with my current situation when we were having a small conversation just now. Oh well, it's worth a try rather than sitting there doing nothing, right? That is why I decided to submit a reconsideration request to Google a couple minutes ago, requesting for re-evaluation of my website. Hopefully, there'll be an adjustment to my page rank soon. Thanks, Kay Bin!


  1. my PR also got issue since last year, main PR hv PR3, but redirect to get PR0, too bad, but seriously i write alot sponsor post :)

  2. Hmm, did get back the PR3? I only wrote several paid posts but my blog get penalized for doing that =.=" You're so lucky!


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