Sunday, February 10, 2008

O.D.M Pixel Watches

  • 粉红 (Pink) - 高度甜蜜
  • 可可 (Brown) - 黄金比例
  • 白色 (White) - 高贵典雅
  • 黑色 (Black) - 酷酷个性
  • 蓝色 (Blue) - 超晴天空
  • 透明 (Transparent) - 时尚前卫

Hey, I've just found a funky and cool looking Valentine's Day present that is suitable for both males and females (unisex). The O.D.M. Pixel Watch uses an EL (Electro Luminescent) band, and translucent casing to produce an unusual and contemporary design. On every single hour between 9 p.m. and 3 a.m. there's an on-screen animation and scrolling pattern. It features a jumbo electroluminiscent pSEL (TM) display that wraps around the curvature of the watch band, right on the translucent polycarbonate expansion bracelet.

Product features:

- Hidden timing function (12 hour format).
- 10 Meters Water Resistant.
- Animation.
- Single function key.

Key Functions:

  1. Press the function key once, time will be displayed.
  2. Press the function key again, data will be displayed.
  3. "odm" will appear 4 seconds after the time/date is displayed, and then it will switch off automatically.
  4. Press the function key over 3 seconds while the time/date is being displayed to switch key to setting mode.

My netfriend, Jackie just sent me a website which is selling similar O.D.M Pixel Watches online at cheaper rates, as shown below:
  • 1 for RM 55 (delivery / postage included) + 1 casing
  • 2 for RM 105 (delivery / postage included) + 2 casings
  • 3 for RM 155 (delivery / postage included) + 3 casings
  • 4 for RM 195 (delivery / postage included) + 4 casings


  1. Yep, I couldn't agree more. They look super cool!~

  2. is ur fren still selling it the watch??

  3. Jing YI:
    Hi there, my friend doesn't sell those ODM watches. Try to buy it from here instead ;)


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