Friday, February 8, 2008

Welcome Back PageRank 3

PageRank 3

Two days after I sent a PageRank Reconsideration Request to Google, my blog has finally been rewarded PR 3 again yesterday. Yay, thanks Google for the generosity and also for the fast respond! It usually takes up to several weeks to process or review a website. Previously, my blog was downgraded from PR 3 to PR 0. Now, lets have a look at the ups and downs of my PageRank since November of 2006:

PR 0 => PR 3 => PR 0 => PR 3

Most User Online

I found that my blog has the most user ever online in this afternoon when I was having a 2 hours tea break at home. It was a total of 13 visitors on February 08, 2008, 3:34:05 PM. I know, it seems way too little comparing to other celebrity blogs, but it's more than enough for an unknown blogger like me.

Nuffnang Visitor

Oh my God, check out the number of unique visitors who visited my blog today, up to 19:00 (7.00 p.m.). I couldn't believe my eyes either! It's like a miracle to me seeing such unbelievable stats on my Nuffnang Analytics page right after I come back from work.


  1. cool! that was really great achievement! i don't have such a high traffic hahahah


  2. netster:

    Thanks a lot, buddy! *cheers*

  3. congrats!! now my PR is 0.. however still feel i wanna move to custom domain :) need to wait again..

  4. haan:

    Thanks *cuddle*, remember to notify me when you've changed to a new domain. ^^

  5. already changed without effect to others :) u see it on your address bar only..

  6. haan:

    Oh, I just realize that I haven't link your blog yet >.<"

  7. great christina, its nice to see fellow bloggers doin well in the blogosphere world. hopefully u get to earn lots thru advertisement with the high readership

  8. Johnny:

    Thanks for your words, I'm hoping the same too! ^^v


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