Monday, February 4, 2008

Legally Drive in Queensland | Snowstorm in China

Let's Go For A Ride

This early morning, I paid a visit to the office of Queensland Transport in Toowoomba city. The main purpose is to enquire about the licensing matters for International Students like us, what are the procedures needed, whether or not we're allowed to drive in Queensland, the Sunshine State of Australia. I'm glad that all my doubts are cleared and we can now start driving around the state, but do bare in mind that the licensing rules in Queensland are vary from other states.

My boi had an exam today, he was pretty confident while sitting for the exam. So, I assume he'll be able to pass the subject with no worries. Finally, Chinese New Year is coming in another 3 days, everyone is busy preparing for the Spring Festival but what about those snowstorm victims in central, east and southern China? Some areas had black out for more than a week hit by the worst snow storms in 50 years, others have at least a dozen people killed with thousands more injured.

Snowstorm Victims of China

The Red Cross Society of China (RCSC) is calling on the pubic to donate cash and necessary items for the victims in the snow disaster areas (31 provinces and regions involved). What's with the drastic change of climates? Global warming perhaps? The globe is changing in its physical, biological, and cultural features. What's gonna happen in the future? Could it be just like "The Day After Tomorrow"? I don't know, nobody knows what's gonna happen next.

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