Thursday, February 21, 2008

International Student Orientation: Day 1 - Team Building

Welcome Abroad

Welcoming the arrival of the new international students.

The Mentors

Greetings and voices from different countries in various type of languages.

The Faculty of Science

Due to a large number of members in the Faculty of Science, the group has been separated into two. And also, it seems that the number of mentors are greater than the newcomers this semester.

Team Building & Teamwork

In Progress...

The Winning Masterpiece

The Presentation - Carlyn

Carlyn from New England of United States represents our faculty to have a brief introduction and explanation about the newspaper bridge we built.

International Students Orientation

Junior Mentor - Alysha

Jennifer's baby daughter, Alysha - The junior mentor is having a baby grasshopper on her hand. She is such a sweet and lovely baby girl.

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