Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Gold Coast's Dreamworld: Australian Wild Life (Part II)

Pink Cockatoo

Pink Cockatoo also known as the Major Mitchell's Cockatoo or Leadbeater's Cockatoo, the medium-sized cockatoo is generally recognized as the most beautiful of all cockatoos.

Pink Cockatoo: My Lunch Time

It is named in honour of Major Sir Thomas Mitchell.


Does anyone one of you happen to know what kind of bird is this? Please kindly let me know if you do recognize it. *2 months later* Wow, I just found out that it's known as Cassowary, the heaviest birds in Australia.


The Innocent Donkey

A small donkey is sometimes called a burro.
A male donkey or ass is called a jack.
A female donkey is called a jenny.

The Donkey: I'm Feeling Lonely

Donkeys have larger ears than horses, which may pick up more distant sounds and may help in cooling the donkey's blood. They have very loud vocalizations that can be heard over three kilometers away.

Oakey Creek Farm Show: Sheeps

There was a "Oakey Creek Farm Show" at 2 p.m. It shows you how the fully-trained Australian shearers shear a sheep and how the well-trained sheep dog 'rounds up' and organizes the sheep for the shearer. Besides, you'll also get to learn how to make traditional Australian 'Billy' tea and sample some famous 'damper' bread.

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