Sunday, February 10, 2008

年初四: 八福临门

Wu Fu Lin Men

This is my newly-created dish called “八福临门”. Here, we can't afford to buy any expensive cooking ingredients like sea cucumber, abalone, scallop and others. So, I just make use of simple and affordable ingredients such as snow peas, carrot, dried mushroom (香菇), and golden mushroom (金针菇). Golden mushroom also know as enoki mushroom, enok, enokidake, enokitake, golden needle mushroom, snow puff mushroom, velvet foot mushroom, velvet stem mushroom, or winter mushroom.

Ang Pao (Red Packet)

Although, I'm not home for Chinese New Year this year. But still, I get to receive "Ang Pao" aka red packets from my parents, grandparents, and some close relatives. I would like to thank those who have given me "Ang Pao" and also thank my sis for keeping them for me. The amount isn't that much compared to last year but still it's very meaningful to me. I feel deeply sorry for not being able to accompany my family in this warm and cheerful Spring Festival. There are another two dishes prepared in the afternoon but my boi accidentally deleted the photos...


  1. y the money alang alang one?

  2. pazuzu:

    Pardo me, but what's the meaning of "alang-alang"? *swt*

  3. hahaha.. err.. the amount not round number ...

  4. pazuzu:

    Oh, okie! Thanks for the explanation =D It's RM 370...


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