Sunday, January 20, 2008

Evercool Fairy Notebook Idea Cooling

Evercool Fairy Idea Cooling

Evercool Fairy Notebook Idea Cooling generates a high rates of negative airflow to prevent excessive heat build-up. The handy notebook cooler weights only 60 grams and it's about half the size of my palm.

Evercool Fairy Idea Cooling

The cooler has 180-degree fan positions, two-speed cooling control, and comes with a black carrying pouch. It's also compatible for all major notebook brands. Once you plug in the device, the red LED lights up and starts functioning in "silent mode".

Evercool Fairy Idea Cooling

By using any kind of cooling devices will not only help to improve the performance of the notebook but also increase the life of the components. The only drawback for USB-powered cooler is the shortening of the notebook battery life.

USB Power Adapter

Here, you have no worries as you can always get yourself a power adapter which connects to retractable USB. It's cheap and easy to be found in any computer shops.

How to Install

Evercool Fairy Idea Cooling

Just press and hold the small button, then simply attach it to the notebook's air vents. One last thing, please confirm whether the air vents of your notebook are in horizontal position or not before you make any decision.

Evercool Fairy Idea Cooling


  1. Wah, so small & handy! New stuff to me. But how to place the device to the notebook ler?

    I'll check it out :D

  2. Hey Anston, new photos added to guide you through... hope it's useful to u!

  3. hey, i like this cooler..I bought one, but different brand.. work totally fine!


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