Friday, January 18, 2008

Things from Malaysia

Malaysia Airlines Keychain

The triple sets (one box) of Malaysia Airlines key chains actually worth RM 22. Each of the key chain has two red LED lights and I/C sound with batteries included. So, when you press the small button placed right at the front, the "aeroplane" starts functioning as it is flying.

Malaysia Airlines Keychain

My boi has purchased two boxes of them while he was on the plane coming back to Australia, which is also equal to six sets in total. But why do we need so many key chains? Good question, it's because he didn't even realize that there were three sets in each box!

Foldable Keyboard

The Towel foldable keyboard is made of high quality silicone material which offers the perfect combination of practicality, durability, comfort, and flexibility. It's small size, lightweight, and ultra-slim design make it ideal for backpacking (when space and weight are prime concerns).


"Transformers more than meets the eye..."
The DVD version includes season 1 (16 episodes), season 2 (50 episodes), season 3 (30 episodes), season 4 (3 episodes), and also the movie, Transformers. I used to be a Transformers fan when I was still a kid, but nowadays it seems like my boi has been spending too much time watching the cartoon or playing World of Warcraft.


  1. i also plan to buy a key board like this, but my sister have one, seen like not nice to use, just easy to carry only...

  2. Hehe, it's so soft and no sound when you're pressing the buttons... kinda hard to get use to it =X

  3. wah the MAS keychain very cute laaa

  4. Yep des, very cute and funny instead!

  5. The MAS key chains quite worth it eh. And I've tried the keyboard before, don't really like the feel of it. Haha.

  6. aiyo very easy only ma, gimme the extra keychain la =D waiting for you to ask me go ur hse pickup the keychain, wkakaka

  7. silverisle:
    Hehe, yeah! It looks and acts like a small toy. Most people don't like to use it...

    LoL, don't wanna give u =P I'll keep them as part of my collections.


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