Monday, January 21, 2008

I Love Cooking, Do You?

Green Capsium Squid

Green capsicum also known as green pepper, and it's selling at 8 dollars per kilo in Uni Plaza. In this afternoon, I accompanied my boi to the library to borrow some CCNA reference books. While passing through the hallway, I saw a notice with the title, "Missing Husky". The husky looks exactly like the one I saw on 28th of December last year, it's too bad that I'm not being able to trace him now. He never show up anymore ever since his last appearance in West Street.

Seaweed Soup

Seaweed Soup is fast and easy to prepare. All you need to do is stir-fry the minced garlics with a little bit of cooking oil before you pour water into the pot. After that, just boil the soup with two mini chicken stock cubes with seaweed, add in two egg whites and some sliced fried fish pieces (炸鱼饼) or fish balls, then sprinkle some sun-dried shrimp shells evenly on top of the soup. It tastes so good that I'll never get bored with it!!! By the way, I just realize The Rema Indian Take-Away has moved to a new location with bigger and better environment.


  1. I love cooking too, but i can't do it well enough to save myself. Hehe..

    Uhh, what did you cook the green peppers with? *smacks forehead* Nevermind, i see the lable. XD Better question, what else do put in besides squid? Haha..

    Thanks for the seaweed recipe, it's chinese seaweed right? The one they sell as a large round piece? Got to try it some time. My grandma usually just puts in garlic, mince pork and lots of seaweed. Not so sure about other seasonings but it does taste good.


    p.s. Thanks for dropping by BTW!

  2. usws:
    I put some minced garlic and onion slices for extra flavoring =D They look like squid, don't they?...

    As for the seaweed, it's the large round chinese seaweed. I added minced garlic too but forgotten to write it down =.= minced pork or prawns is suitable as well.

  3. your seaweed soup looks so rich !! one of my favorite soup .. *drools* those that i tried had never been as rich. i guess that's the good thing with cooking yourself, huh ?? ;)

  4. I love these 2 dishes of yours...can Fed-EX? :D

  5. levian:
    Yeah, I put lots and lots of seaweed! Home-cooking is nice, can add in whatever u like, and the quantity could be as many as u want too.

    Fedex? LoL, the food gonna be rotten by the time it reaches Malaysia =P

    Haha, thanks for your compliment! *blush* I'd love to try fried squid too ^^

  6. I love cooking too... seaweed soup.. oh my... its been some time since I last prepared them... I am missing it now that you remind me

  7. imagica chan:
    Cool!~ Perhaps you could share some of your secret recipe with me =D


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