Wednesday, January 23, 2008

USQ Mentors: First Meeting

2008 International Student Orientation Program

Being a mentor for USQ International students could be fun yet challenging and beneficial at the same time. Some of the advantages include meeting new friends from different countries with various backgrounds, experiencing new cultures and food, as well as developing valuable communication and leadership skills. From there, you'll get to share the knowledge and personal experiences you've gained throughout the time you're in Australia, especially Toowoomba. The first few weeks / months living in a foreign country and trying to adapt to the new environment would be the most unforgettable and memorable moment I ever had.

2008 Calender of Events

Today, we had an informal meeting in K5 with the fellow mentors, it was organized by Dellie and Rachel from the Student Services. The coming orientations for semester 1, 2008 would be a complete different from the one we had back in July of 2007. I'm looking forward to enjoy those interesting brand new programmes and free travel trips. Soon, we'll be receiving green Tees and starting to undergo official trainings for mentors. I just hope I'm able to cope with the current situation while making sure that the activities won't clash with my working hours.


  1. wow.. dellie is still doing the job!! without looking at the dates, i tot everything comes during the 1 week orientation for international students. hehe..

    miss the bush dance!! you have fun, christina! i used to join that too.. glad to help the newcomers yet having chances to sell off my friend's old books :)

  2. haan:
    Haha, everything comes in one week? LoL, we'll have more fun and more excitement this semester cause there'll be a combination of both international students and domestic students during the orientations. I'm sure I'll enjoy those activities, thanks haan!


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