Sunday, January 27, 2008

Garlic Shoot (蒜心)

Garlic Shoot

Garlic shoots are the seed head and stalk that emerge in early June from garlic plants. It can be used to prepare various garlic shoot dishes, Stir-fry Garlic Shoot with Button Mushroom is one of them. But today, I'm gonna prepare Stir-fry Basa Freshwater Fish Fillet with Garlic Shoot instead. This is just to make use of the ingredients I have on hand. As for flavoring, I'll just use the combination of oyster sauce and sweet soy sauce. Wanna know how the dish turn out to be like? Stay tuned until tonight!

*clock ticking* 2 hours later...

Stir-fry Basa Freshwater Fish Fillet with Garlic Shoot

Stir Fried Base Fillet with Garlic Shoot.

Sichuan-style Bean Curb (Mapo Tofu)

An extra dish for the night, Sichuan-style Tofu (Beancurd).

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