Wednesday, January 30, 2008

K-Mart Plaza and SunBus

K-Mart Plaza

We just came back from K-Mart Plaza, which located just a few kilometers away from my living place. As usual, we were there to do our groceries shopping. This is how the plaza looks like, the building is relatively small but satisfactory enough.

K-Mart Parking Lot

They have a large area of outdoor parking lot.


Garden City Sunbus is the usual public transport we take to travel back and forth in this small town. Cheaper bus fares for students.


It's clean and strictly NO SMOKING, NO FOOD (including refreshment like chewing gum) and definitely NO DRINKS are allowed on the bus. The drivers are generally kind and friendly but not all of them, and they're not always on time too.


  1. Not much difference eh. Besides the laws there are enforced lar. LOLz.

  2. silverisle:
    Erm, these are short-distance bus transport which travels within the city, similar to those Hin bus in Penang. Hehe, but I had pretty bad experience with those buses in Penang.

  3. petal chicken... haha... very original indeed...

  4. zewt:

    Haha, yeah! The dish was named after the decoration...


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