Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Coming Back to Australia

Malaysia Airlines

My boi will be reaching Brisbane International Airport on this coming Tuesday (15th on January), and this time he takes Malaysia Airlines instead. Another thing is, he's got his ISIC (International Student Identity Card) from the travel agent two days later after he applied for it. Last time, the MAS customer service counter in Penang International Airport actually told us that it requires at least 1 month to process the application. How pathetic! And before I end this post, I just want my boi to know that I'll be right here waiting and counting down for the day he comes back, still 5 more days to go... miss you...


  1. "coming back" to australia... so ... you're from australia?

  2. Hi zewt, yup I'm in Aussie now ^^v

  3. Yep, Johnny! I miss u very much =D

  4. Wow... Coming soon lar.. hehehe..

    how much is the air tickets from KL to Brisbane?

  5. Hi ahlost, for MAS u mean? It's around 2k for one way ticket.


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