Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Sunnybank and the Airport Pick-up


Yesterday morning, we drove through heavy downpour all the way from Toowoomba until the International Airport of Brisbane. It was around 10 something when we pick up my boi at the arrivals point (level 2).


We spent a short while shopping in one of the Asian Grocery Markets, Yuen's Market located in Sunnybank. They have more variety of choices and the prices are a lot cheaper than those we can get in Chinatown.


We had 鱼香茄子 and 宫保鸡丁 as lunch after spending $150 for groceries, thanks Xiao Ding for driving us around in Brisbane as well as the airport pick-up.

Dried Chilli Squid Rings

Last Saturday, I got it fresh from my working place at only $3.50 per kilo. It tasted good with dark soya sauce and dried chilli, just make sure you don't over cook it!

Fuzzy Melon Soup

Fuzzy melon soup with prawns, eggs, sun-dried shrimp shells, and a little bit of tapioca flour. I was taught by one of my Chinese friends to prepare this dish while having dinner over her place.


  1. Hehe...more and more cooking:)
    Your cooking looks really nice....improving ya...gonna make a good little housewife soon;)

  2. Christy: Yep, my boi is back!!! I needa prepare nice dishes for him from time to time =D


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