Friday, January 25, 2008

Sichuan Hot-Pot

Sichuan Hot-Pot

This afternoon, we went to Clifford Gardens to shop for some groceries and some fresh ingredients for tonight's Sichuan hot-pot aka steamboat. Occasionally, we bumped into Kodomo and the rest on the bus going back home. Also, we did something interesting to the windows in our bedrooms right after came back. Check it out in the coming post!

Sichuan Hot-Pot Seasoning

The Sichuan hot-pot seasoning we got from Sunnybank tastes extremely hot and spicy! We don't really like the flavor of it, the seasoning was killing both of us badly...

Here are the ingredients prepared:

Fried Fish Pieces Vs Baby Corns

Combination Fish Balls Vs Beef Balls

Iceberg Lettuce

Basa Freshwater Fillet Vs Tiger Prawns
Dried Mushroom

Farm Eggs



Bacon Slices


  1. That's what I'm having for dinner at this moment, and really love it....I'm from Mexico.


  2. Wow, are you Mexican? I can hardly believe that you're having Sichuan Hot Pot there.

    Greetings to you too!


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