Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Curry Chicken Returns

curry chicken

My boi is pretty good at preparing curry and sambar (the gravy for roti prata / roti canai). Yesterday, he was in a good mood of preparing curry chicken aka chicken curry after we came back from the mentors meeting. I was darn tired and resting in the room while he was busy cooking downstairs. He has been good and understanding, thanks my boi for sharing the work loads! Wishing you all the best in your coming final exam! *Muackz*

P.S. Take care my dearest daddy, mommy, sis, and bro! Love and miss you always!


  1. Haha, please don't =P I'll share some with you...

  2. wah... ur boi so keng. he sure can cook nice things for you to eat!!! ^_^

  3. erlynda:
    LoL, not really! That's the only two dishes he's good at =X


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