Monday, January 28, 2008

T-bowl: Toilet Bowl Concept Restaurant, Queensbay Mall

T-bowl - Toilet Bowl Concept Restaurant

T-bowl, the toilet bowl concept restaurant will be opening at Queensbay Mall Penang on this coming February 18th. The brand new restaurant is located next to Golden Screen Cinema (GSC) at 3rd floor. Now, take a look at the creative interior design, as well as the special design and custom made dining tables and chairs.

A dish named The Flaming Pot with Tomyam Seafood (招牌马桶海鲜东炎煲) has come to my attention and I would definitely love to try out those dishes as soon as I get back to Malaysia. For you information, there'll be having 10% promotional discount which is only valid for normal price items, until April 18th, 2008.

T-bowl - Toilet Bowl Concept Restaurant
In this 21st century which emphasizes on individuality and character, the irrevocable pattern no longer suits today's modern people's taste. Today, our life is no longer purely on "eating", we want higher level of enjoyment! In order to greet the new generation of popular tendency, the birth of T-bowl will take to another hemisphere and will give you a new and pleasant surprised, be it visual. — T-bowl


  1. Hi Christina:

    A word of thanks from Queensbay Mall for posting this article on your Blog. We would like your kind permission to repost on QBM blog site at with credits and source to your Blog.

    Please write me at

    Doreen Teh
    Manager - New Media
    C P Estate (QBM)

  2. Christina!!!!
    i was about to blog this!!!!
    i received this fliers in my college!!!!!
    the restaurant sounds so funny!!!!!!
    next time we go try it together.

  3. Doreen:
    Thanks a lot! I've added Queensbay Mall link in my blog. Looking forward to see my post appears in your blog. Thank you ^^v

    LoL, yeah the restaurant looks funny but interesting though! I can't wait to dine with you =D


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