Thursday, January 31, 2008

How to Wrap Wontan / Wantan

Roasted Duck

I got these roasted duck at special rate from my working place. Hehe, this kinda "privileges" only applicable to the staff members who work there.

Salt Baked Pork

I believe most of you must have heard of "盐焗鸡" (Salt Baked Chicken) but how about "盐焗猪" (Salt Baked Pork)? It's my first time trying out the new dish, thanks my boss for sharing the recipe!

How to Make Wontan

Today, I get to learn how to wrap wontan aka wantan. The steps are pretty simple and easy to follow, have a look at the wontan soup and fried wontan we made previously.

It was me who was wrapping the wontan, and it was also me who was taking the video. LoL, multitasking I was...

Ta-da! The most anticipated moment has come, get your bowl ready for some wontan soup!

*Note: The videos were taken at my working place using Motorola L7, please mute the video before you click on the "play" button. I've tried to combine the videos using YouTube Remixer but failed. I'm still unable to find any free tool that converts 3GPP to other video formats which accepted by Windows Movie Maker.


  1. sweetiepie:

    It was my boss who steamed the wontan. I wrapped those wontans at my working place =D


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