Monday, January 14, 2008

Google PageRank

It was yesterday morning, when my PageRank dropped from PR3 to PR0 all in a sudden. I felt kinda upset and panic at first. I don't know what to do but wondering what have I done wrong? what was really going on?... Then, I started to search for tips to recover from Google PageRank drop and how to protect your site from a Google PageRank drop.


If anyone of you happen to face the same problem, you might found the articles above could be helpful in solving the current situation. In case, u wanna find out more about your own site or other people's sites, iwebtool has a range of useful tools like Google PageRank Prediction, PageRank Checker, Backlink Checker, Multi-Rank Check, Website Speed Test, Link Popularity, Search Engine Position and many others that meet your demands.


  1. LOL :P Finally your blog PR is 0. I forget to inform you when I realise your PR changed. There are reasons why your PR dropped. Hehe... explain to you more next time we meet. Haha... My PR gone from PR 3 -> PR 5 -> PR 0, dammit, keke... now hoping to get back my PR =D Smile.

  2. swt, sure thing! I thought writting reviews for Smorty would be all right =X


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