Friday, January 25, 2008

30 Free Windows Live Messenger Emotions

Install 30 Messenger Emoticons for Free

In case you don't know, Windows Live Messenger now offers 30 fun and free messenger emotions for countries like India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, and Singapore. I just found out about the cool new feature when cleaning up my mailbox.

New Generation of 30 Emoticons

I've personally downloaded and installed it on my messenger, the emoticons are amusing! After the fast and easy installation, they will appear under the "custom emoticons". If you would like to try it out too, kindly click here and begin to download now...


  1. 看起來不錯!我也去試試看!謝謝你的分享!也謝謝你光臨我的部落格!^^

  2. 呵呵,你太客气了!我觉得它们都蛮可爱的呢!


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