Monday, October 15, 2007

Wantan Soup and Deep Fried Wantan

Thanks my boi for showing me the way to wrap wantan *muackz* the wantan wrappers we bought from Chinatown are slightly thicker and bigger than usual.

All we need is to add in a small piece of chicken cube, some spring onions, siew pak choy (chopped into pieces), a few drops of sesame oil to boil with wantans.

After all the tiredness, we finally get to taste the 1st bite of our wantans.

We fried them for a bit longer just to make sure d ingredients inside are fully cook, this makes the skins look a bit darker instead of gold color.

Wanna know what ingredients have I put in? Just minced pork, minced carrots, minced mushroom (stir-fried), salt, pepper, & sesame oil, then only mix them all together.

Even though they're not as tasty as those selling in Penang, but at least we get to taste them here in Toowoomba. It was really a great experience preparing homemade wantans with my boi...


Dear readers,

Thanks for all your lovely comments and continual visits.
Hope I'll see you again soon! (✿◠‿◠)


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