Saturday, September 26, 2009

The X-Factor 2009 (Season 6): Best Performers and Videos

The X-Factor 2009 (season 6) is back, in search of the most talented singers for categories like male soloists aged 14-24, female soloists 14-24 years, over 25s and groups. I personally think these are the twelve BEST videos of the auditions so far. These contestants not only wowed the crowd, they have also successfully blown the judges away with their stunning performances. Some of them even touched me and made me cry. And because of this UK talent show, I started to fall for the songs by Kings of Leon, the American rock band. Watch them and tell me which of them is / are your favorite!

Danyl Johnson - Auditions 1 ♥♥♥ My Favorite ♥♥♥

27-year-old teacher Danyl has a passion for singing and manages to completely own the stage in an incredible first audition!

Stacey Soloman - Auditions 1 (What A Wonderful World)

It's difficult to surprise Simon Cowell, but Stacey manages to do just that.

Joseph McElderry - Auditions 1

Joe from South Shields immediately got a yes from Cheryl before he started singing!

Duane Lamonte - Auditions 1

24-year-old Duane returns to The X Factor after failure at last year's Boot Camp.

Jamie Archer - Auditions 2 (Sex On Fire) ♥♥♥ My Favorite ♥♥♥

Jamie Archer AKA Jamie Afro has never had his chance to break into music, despite it being a lifelong dream.

Daryl Markham - Auditions 2

40-year-old Daryl from East Sussex is a cabinet maker by day, but is following his passion in his brother's memory.

Miss Fitz - Auditions 2

With a member of the group who has failed The X Factor before.

Lloyd Daniels - Auditions 3

16-year-old Lloyd has only ever performed in school plays, and is nervous about his audition.

Olly Murs - Auditions 4

Olly is an 'ordinary geezer' but dreams of making it big.

Rikki Loney - Auditions 4

Rikki made it to bootcamp last year, but is back to try again.

Ethan Boroian - Auditions 5 (Use Somebody)

19-year-old Ethan thinks he's got what it takes.

Daniel Pearce - Auditions 6

Winning Popstars: The Rivals with Cheryl didn't quite change Daniel's life as hoped, so he's back to try again.


  1. wow...lots of video...but cant view from home...slow internet ler!

  2. vialentino:
    Aww, that's too bad >.<" Those are really great auditions...


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