Friday, September 4, 2009

Jeff Banks London: Graduation Gift for My Boi

Jeff Banks London

This coming Saturday, the 5th of September is gonna be a big day for my boi! The fateful day of graduation which he anxiously waited has eventually arrived! How exciting!!! *sprinkles confetti all over my boi*

Jeff Banks London

I spent almost an hour wandering around in the men's department, trying to search for ties that suit his shirts well. He needs something that looks young, not-so-traditional, and of course they must go well with his skin color too. Come to think of it, I acted like a mad lady back there, walking here and there with all sort of ties around me, mixing and matching them with shirts in different colors.

Jeff Banks London

In the end, I can't help seeking opinions from this young male counter person who was standing not so far away. Thanks to him, I have finally made up my mind to go for these two Jeff Banks London Ties. Although I don't quite like the one on the right, but still it looks OK to me (as both come in a pair). What do you think?

How to Tie to Tie (Four in Hand Knot)

How to Tie to Tie (Half Windsor Knot)

How To Tie A Tie (Full Windsor Knot)

I found these tutorial video clips are able pretty helpful in refreshing my memory, hope they would be useful to you too. Happy Learning!


  1. fact I like the right one ;). And I LOVE the elegant box.

  2. emotionalistic:
    Hmm, the pattern is quite unique actually. I like the design of its logo and gift box ;)

    Jeffrey Choo:
    Bluek :P


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