Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Home-Cooking: Seafood Dinner (Fish, Crab, Oyster)

Home-Cooking: Seafood Dinner

Regardless of the fact that I'm down with flu, cough and sore-throat. But still I'm capable of preparing an all-seafood dinner together with my boi. We spent less than AU $50 on the ingredients, including the seafood, herbs and sauces.

Home-Cooking: Sweet & Spicy Crab

The ingredients needed are crabs, ginger slices, tomato sauce, chilli sauce and eggs.

Home-Cooking: Sweet & Spicy Crab

ღ Stir Fried Sweet and Spicy Crab ღ

Home-Cooking: Grilled Red Curry Fish

To marinate, we made use of ingredients like red curry paste, ginger and garlic paste, and some cooking oil, salt and black pepper coarse.

Home-Cooking: Grilled Red Curry Fish

ღ Grilled Red Curry Fish ღ

Home-Cooking: Cheese Baked Oysters

This dish only requires shredded cheese, lemon / lemon juice, dried parsley leaves, oysters and an oven to bake.

Home-Cooking: Cheese Baked Oysters

ღ Cheese Baked Oyster ღ


  1. emotionalistic:
    Thanks sweetie, I'm hoping to recover ASAP, being sick is not fun at all :(

  2. Johnny:
    Yes!!! Yummylicious home-cook dishes xD

  3. i think you are good chef la...

    good to open a restaurant in Malaysia!

    I will visit one!

  4. CH Voon:
    Thanks, CH ;)

    I love cooking but not rushing to cook for others :P


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