Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Have Fun with Caption.iT

I get to know about this Caption.iT webbie when I was browsing through Kah Peng's blog this afternoon. When my boi was preparing dinner in the kitchen, I've created several pieces with some "special" words before placing them on my desktop. Then, I left him a few lines in a notepad so that he will open up those images by himself. Hehe, I think he likes them too.

Sometimes, certain guys might think that it's such a silly kinda way to express a girl's feelings but sometimes not, just depends on individuals. Apart from uploading your own photos, you can also add glitters to the images created. Of course, free stuff always have limitations so do the designs available.

These would be my favorable pieces from Caption.iT


  1. Hey, thx a lot for the info. I've tried FotoTrix a few days ago, will have a check on Custom Sign Generator soon! Thanks for visiting here too!


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