Thursday, October 25, 2007

Birthday -P-A-R-T-Y-

Edna, with an ice-cream cup on her both hands, she was extremely kind and friendly to us and everyone there. She's definitely the busiest person through out the whole party. Thanks Edna for the rides and invitation!

The birthday girl who had lotsa fun & surprises.

My boi with lucky "14" T-shirt, why is it a lucky number? Simply because I was born on 14th of May, that makes "5" my lucky number as well =P

Wow, I just notice that me & my boi didn't really take couple shot for quite a long time.

The crowd seems to enjoy the Australian TV show, "So U Think U Can Dance" very very much. I, myself enjoy watching it too! Here, I'd like to thank everyone for the lovely food (Deborah for the cake, Edna for the fried vermicelli, Kevin for the minced pork, Jiaren for the nuggets, Kah Peng for the fries and those who are not being mentioned).

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