Sunday, October 14, 2007

Another Day in Kitchen

My 1st attempt on cooking this BBQ mushroom chicken, previously I've tried it on minced pork but this time I used chicken instead. It tastes a bit sour and it has a strong black pepper flavor.

You might be thinking "What the hell is ABC soup?!" It's actually a very healthy type of soup with tomatoes, potatoes, onions, and carrot boiling with pork ribs.

This type of "Leng Chee Kang" is a bit weird 'cuz even barley seeds (薏米) are included in the packing as well. I've added a lot of ginkgo (白果又称银杏) , some red dates (红枣) , and white fungus (雪洱) for extra flavor.

These rice crackers are fabolous! Btw, I just prepared the ingredients to make wantan and wantan mee while watching Mr. & Ms. Smith on Australian local TV. Hehe, remember to come back to check out the result. Hopefully I'll be able to make good wantan for tomorrow's lunch...


  1. wantan mee 1 bowl please =P paling banyak i help u wash the dishes later XD apa macam ?

  2. muahaha, let u taste some after I cook it =P


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