Friday, October 5, 2007

I've Got A Mail

I've been searching all over da places in Toowoomba just to find these facial blotters but it seems that it's not being sold in Australia?! I'm not sure about this either... Maybe it's just here =X

Luckily, I manage to get my sis to snail mail them to me on 24th of Sept, it took around 10 days to reach here. At last!!! I can start using them now muahaha!!! da temperature in spring has been increasing lately, da sun is burning hot, & d air is extremely dry. Here, I needa apply body lotion for at least 2 times a day (morn & nite).

Before I make a move to da kitchen, I'd like to thank my sis for sending me those facial blotter *muackz* *huggiez* da title of this post indirectly reminds me of a romantic movie called "You've Got A Mail" starring Tom Hanks & Meg Ryan.

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