Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Have Fun Cooking

When I was still a kid, my mommy used to prepare luncheon meat as garnishing for porridge for us. They also taste good with breads, veggie (lettuce / tomato / cucumber) & some gravy (tomato / chillies / mayonnaise sauce).

Can't seem to find any long beans here except those come in cans. I've tried those canned long beans once but they tasted awfully bad. By the way, fresh lady's fingers (British) aka okra (American) aka bhindi are not being sold here. They only import frozen ones from tropical countries like Thailand, Malaysia...

The Indians here like to eat this kinda fried eggs, only simply ingredients like chilli powder, salt, & turmeric powder (黄姜粉) needed to prepare this dish. Very simple & easy, rite? Hehe, maybe u can try it out when u get bored with normal fried eggs.

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