Saturday, October 20, 2007

Top 100 Lifestyle Blogs

According to the owner of, the top 100 lifestyle blogs are sorted based on their rank and authority on Technorati. I was kinda shocked & suprized when I saw this e-mail from Terry Ng this morning. Wanna know more about other lifestyle bloggers? Click on this icon

Top 100 Lifestyle Blog to check out the full listing.

I know there's nothing to be proud of but at least my blog has caught enough attention to be listed on the top 30, that makes me feel gratified. Also, there's another post about A-List Bloglebrity. If your interested in knowing your bloglebrity status, please have a click on this icon
B-List Blogger
and simply enter your blog url into the Technorati widget.

If u happen to love this blog, and wish to add it into your Technorati favorites now, just click on this icon here
Add to Technorati Favorites
or any other time by clicking on the same widget placed on my blog's sidebar, right below the ShoutOut chatting tool. Thanks and have a nice day!

Tada! Here's my B-List bloglebrity badge...

B-List Blogger

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